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The Extragalactic Radio astronomy Group (ERG) at the Osservatorio Astronomico di Cagliari is primarily active in the study of the astrophysics of extra-galactic radio sources. Our activity also covers investigations of the Milky Way that are, in terms of expertise gained and techniques applied, relevant in extragalactic contexts. We currently conduct researches on AGNs, astrophysical masers, radio sources in cluster of galaxies, large-scale magnetic fields in the intergalactic medium, Galactic foregrounds, and radio emission from star-forming galaxies.  We made use of several international observational facilities including radio telescopes, such as the JVLA or the Effelsberg 100-m single-dish, but also X-ray satellites, like Chandra and XMM. Most recently, we have been deeply involved in the scientific development and early science phase of the Sardinia Radio Telescope.

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