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Abell 665

Composite image of the cluster of galaxies Abell 665: optical in blue, radio continuum in green, and X-rays in red tones (Vacca et al. 2010).

Dying sources.

WNB 1127.5+4927
WNB 1150.0+3749
WNB 1734+6407
WNB 1829+6911
WNB 1851+5707

Dying sources selected from the WENSS survey (Murgia et al. 2010, Parma et al. 2007).  The images show the overlay of the radio emission (green) to the optical emission of the DSS (red).

NGC 3627

Infrared, radio continuum and CO line emission in the spiral galaxy NGC 3627 (Paladino et al. 2006, Paladino et al 2008).

Abell 2255

 Composite image of the cluster of galaxies A2255 in the radio (green), optical (blue), and X-ray (red) bands (Govoni et al. 2006).