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Our goal

We are using the MeerKAT telescope to observe the nearby cluster of galaxies Fornax. We want to study how its galaxies interact with one another and with the intra-cluster medium, reveal their connection with gas in the cosmic web, and thus understand how they evolve as they move through the cluster.

Survey specs

The survey consists of a mosaic of 12 deg2 at an obseving frequency of 1.4 GHz. We take both HI spectral-line and broad-band radio continuum data out to 1.5 Mpc (projected) from the cluster centre. Our HI cubes will have an r.m.s. noise level of 0.15 mJy/beam per 25 kHz channel at a resolution from 10 to 100 arcsec. The HI velocity resolution will be 1 km/s. Our radio continuum images will have a noise level of 2 μJy/beam.

See survey description paper.

paolo.serra @ inaf.it

Paolo Serra (INAF)

E. de Blok (ASTRON, Kapteyn, UCT), G. Bryan (Columbia), R.-J. Dettmar (Bochum), B. Frank (UCT), F. Govoni (INAF), G. J√≥zsa (SKA-SA, Rhodes), A. Loni (INAF, UniCa), I. Loubser (NWU), D. Kleiner (INAF), R. Kraan-Korteweg (UCT), F. Maccagni (INAF), D. Molnar (INAF), M. Murgia (INAF), T. Oosterloo (ASTRON, Kapteyn), R. Peletier (Kapteyn), R. Pizzo (ASTRON), M. Ramatsoku (INAF), M. Smith (Cardiff), S. Trager (Kapteyn), J. van Gorkom (Columbia), M. Verheijen (Kapteyn)

Team-only wiki

paolo.serra @ inaf.it

Our team is open to all who can contribute to the science goals of the survey. If you are interested send us an email to let us know what lines of research you would like to pursue and what resources you would bring to the team.

Job opportunities

We have no openings at the moment.